What connects NASA with iSANITY?

Photocatalytic oxidation is a NASA application used to make space carrier air safe for astronauts.


ICA System Group has developed a technology based on titanium dioxide and UVC light, whose disinfection power is three times that of chlorine and 1.5 times that of ozone.


The technology takes advantage of a natural phenomenon: photocatalysis, which occurs when a catalyst modifies a chemical reaction by light.

Over the years, the group decided to test a multitude of air sanitizing technologies (such as: ozone, cold plasma, atomization through hydrogen peroxide, photocatalytic oxidation)
to make sure they give the best solution to their customers.

After finding photocatalytic oxidation to be the most effective compared with all others listed in the quality/safety ratio, it was decided to develop it, calibrating titanium dioxide and UC-C lamps and
increasing laboratory testing with certifications.


In the last pandemic year, many companies have started to produce titanium dioxide-based sanitizers, many of which claim to have a certificate issued by NASA itself, too bad, however, that
this agency has not issued, let alone will ever issue, a certificate of collaboration with companies producing sanitizers or the like since it has patented and later made the patent public. It is a well-known fact that
many of these companies have ended up on the well-known television program "Striscia la Notizia" for precisely having declared nonexistent certifications.

Why is it possible to use the NASA loophole for free?

NASA: "meanwhile, it's basically a free logo, and that certainly helps."

As marketing expert Dr. Annamaria Testa says in a Wired interview, there are a variety of reasons why NASA cares about keeping the logo free and having as many people as possible use it so that more users will follow them, study their actions and developments.

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